Panel 1:   Achieving Rural Broadband Ubiquitous Availability


François D. Ménard Project Manager, Xit Telecommunications Inc. (Service Provider), Canada

Robert Proulx P.Eng, Xittel Telecommunications Inc. (Service Provider), Canada

Gérald Chouinard Program Manager, Rural and Remote Broadband Access, Industry Canada Communications Research Center, Canada

Robert Forget Vecima Networks (Equipment Manufacturer), Canada

    • When DSL and Cable Modems cannot break the business case, what about Wireless?
    • Can satellite broadband access truly be an option?
    • Public private partnerships to enable highly cost effective deployments.
    • Wi-Fi versus Wi-Max? What about Broadband over UHF? The dilemma about owning spectrum.

Panel 2:    Customer Driven Broadband Access Delivery: What the network operators should do today to make money more rapidly and assure to be competitive in 5 years, 10 years and more…


Francois Blouin Manager, High Performance Multimedia, Office of the CTO, Nortel Networks, Ottawa, Canada

Bill St-Arnault Chief Research Officer, CANARIE, Ottawa, Canada

Christine Tremblay  Professor, École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS), Canada

Nicholas Gagnon Business Development Manager, Access Networks at EXFO, Québec City, Canada

    This panel will provide an overview of the principal transmission technologies available to network operators, and review the actual and future bandwidth requirements to deliver multiple services over Internet protocol (Transmission of IPTV/video, voice/VoIP, high-speed Internet, multiplayer gaming).